Asian and Indian Wedding Catering

An article on wedding catering for Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi weddings in the UK. Halal, Punjabi and Gujarati food menus and how to go about finding the best caterer for your wedding.

A wedding can be an exciting and a taxing affair. With so many plans to make and lists to do, food and wine occupy much thought and discussion. Has not a discussion on the menu for a wedding ended in many a tussles? The entire family finds themselves in a soup when it comes to deciding the right menu for this special occasion. However, the whole effort is worth gold when the guests like the food and carry the conversation to their drawing rooms. This creates a pleasant and a lasting memory for the guests. Therefore caterers for weddings in UK have become one of the most important factors of marriages and people leave no stone unturned to find the best of them.

As caterers for wedding have enough experience backing them; as they belong to the wedding industry, one can, therefore, save a lot of energy and time. The network with contemporary associates makes them knowledgeable in other aspects of planning a wedding as well. They can help you choosing the venue, floral designers and bands. You may find that you achieved more tasks in simply choosing the right wedding caterer, thus, decreasing the stress levels.

A wedding caterer in London will provide unparalleled service, excellent choice of menu, a popular beverage package and inspirational ideas for the big day. Creative and well-trained staff of the wedding caterers is other guarantees and thus caterers for weddings can ensure your wedding to be a successful event.

Why Employing Caterers For Weddings in London

Wedding caterers of the UK provide a dining experience that is in tune with the location. The location may be home or a banquet hall or set in the garden. The caterers tailor it to the location, the number of guests, the timing of the buffet and the budgets. The choice of menu depends on the dietary requirements. A wide variety and choice is provided amongst Continental, English, French, Asian, Italian cuisine. The services are innovative and contemporary. The table decorations are charming and contemporary. The themes and the centrepieces chosen are colour coordinated and contemporary to create a stunning ambience. 

After careful planning and consideration, the menu is decided. The dietary needs of the guests and the total number of guests are the primary factors. Some guests require special meals and the wedding caterers normally oblige them. Keeping in mind their alternate tastes, a wedding caterer in London chooses a special menu for children.  Organic food, and fresh farm produce is provided as differentiators by some of the caterers for weddings. The list of canapés provided sometimes act as a factor in choosing the caterer. Elaborate wedding menus include 3-4 main courses, 2-3 side dishes, 3-5 salads and a potato choice. Bread, butter and condiments are complimentary or at reduced costs. The caterer arranges the equipment required as per the venue. Wedding caterers in London must follow HACCP guidelines for food production, storage and distribution. They must adhere to the safety and hygiene standards.

The drinks package is another main factor discussed with the wedding caterer. Wines, champagnes and after dinner drinks must compliment the menu and reflect your taste. A mini bar and bartender is charged for a nominal fee. Some wedding caterers in London waive off the corkage fee as a compliment to the customer. Select caterers offer a maximum range of white, red and rose wines, after dessert wines, bottled beers and soft drinks.

Information Needed By A Caterer For Weddings

The caterer for a wedding in London will require the following information to function more efficiently: the date and location of the wedding, the time, number of guests, particular diets, and the budget.

Wine or Champagne served for toast may be complimentary or charged nominally. Similarly, services like cake-cutting to save you the hassle, bar and bartender, toastmaster, chocolate fountains, PA system for making announcements and silver service is provided at additional costs. A specialist marquee caterer will be able to work in difficult environments using mobile kitchen equipments.

Choosing The Right Caterer For Weddings

While hiring a caterer for a wedding in the UK, it is imperative to realize the following:

  • Total cost required including the service charge
  • Deposit required
  • Planning and choosing the right menu for the total number of guests
  • Drinks package
  • Table decorations
  • Cake stand and knife
  • Ability to prepare and serve food in the chosen location
  • Their complimentary services, if any

The answers to these key questions will ensure that you stick to your budget and not exceed. Sometimes, these expenses can get out of hand and out of control. Ask for credential references and make time to get their feedback. This will help in eliminating amongst the wedding caterers and choose the right one according to personal needs. A signed contract will confirm the service details. The caterer will rise to the occasion.

The wedding caterers in the UK also include clearance as part of their service. This will rid you of the mundane chore of cleaning up afterwards. The caterer ensures removal of party waste, recycling of bottles, venue clearing, stacking furniture, sweeping and cleaning of venue. The fridge is loaded with some extra food that can be stored and consumed at will.

Caterers For Weddings Save Time And Energy

Quality driven service, attention to detail, hands-on experience, state-of-the-art equipment, well-trained staff, excellent choice in winery, wide and varied cuisine makes the caterers for weddings in UK stand apart. They are not just knowledgeable but approachable and adaptable too. Personalize the moment, and capture the mood desired is the motto of a wedding caterer. Every wedding is paramount and attended to with great commitment.

Weddings make the most memorable occasion and are lasting impressions. Imaginations run wild and budget limits are crossed. It is vital to expect a few hitches and be prepared to overcome them. Cakes are works of art, decorations are incredible, and sparklers add joy to the moment. The menu is a feast for the eyes and a delight to reckon with. Maintaining the budget constraints without making much comprises, is a sincere effort of the caterer in London. The wedding caterers excel with every wedding as it is the most effective marketing scheme and the word-of-mouth pitch works every time. With more weddings that are in the line, the wedding caterer is in business for a long time to come. What better way to appreciate the caterer of the wedding!


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