Asian and Indian Catering Companies in UK

Marriage is one of the most important occasions of your life and its memories would be cherished by both of you life long. The planning for this big day is not an easy task in the UK. Definitely thinking about your wedding day is really joyful, but what about the planning and management of the event.

There are many things to sort out for making this day really an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. You have to decide about the wedding menu, decoration arrangements, budget, guest list, wedding dress, music, orchestra etc. Sounds baffling? Well there is a solution for all this. You can enjoy the excitement of the day without any stress and pressure of managing all these things with the help of wedding catering companies in London.

Services Provided By Wedding Catering Companies

It is definitely wise to leave the management of wedding ceremony on a good wedding catering company as it will save you from the extra stress. Also with the services of the wedding catering companies you can be assured of a magnificent reception party that can be enjoyed by your friends and guests. The range of services provided by wedding catering company has broadened today. Most of the wedding catering companies offer from food services to complete comprehensive packages for managing your wedding. These packages include all sorts of event planning services you would be looking for, including table decoration services, serving staff, bar services, tableware and crockery, music arrangements etc. Of course tempting and delicious meals are also inclusive in their offerings.

Common Trends For Arranging Your Wedding Party

Wedding catering companies follow different trends according to your requirements and make the party reflect your own style. Let’s discuss some of the common trends followed by the wedding catering companies:

  • You can go for a traditional sit down dinner where guests would be served by the waiters and other serving staff. This is especially good if you have invited a large number of guests. Also guests need not to make queues for food and drinks. This would make your wedding party classy and elegant.
  • Another trend you can follow is of cocktail receptions. In such parties, wedding catering companies in the UK provide food stations dispersed over the venue. These food stations offer mixed food cuisines and have all the variety available in them. This allows your guest to roam and socialize freely all over the place.
  • Wedding catering companies in London also provide the option of arranging your wedding ceremony at an outdoor location. You can choose an outdoor evening party with a cocktail bar. So if you want a stunning ambience at your event, you can opt for the refreshing and rejuvenating outdoor events.
  • Another option for arranging your wedding party in the UK is of Banquet Style. If you want your wedding reception to be full of life, crisp and enthusiasm, you should go for this style. In these types of parties, wedding catering companies arrange big sized tables at the venue and food is organized in them in large serving dishes so that guests can serve themselves. This gives people a good opportunity to interact while having their meals. So if you are looking for a vivacious flavor in your wedding party, go for this.
  • A unique and distinct theme for your wedding party would be of a garden party with eco menu. Some wedding catering companies offer the option of arranging your event at the country estates or farms. Also you can choose eco menu for such garden parties which involves dishes made up from organic and locally produced ingredients.

Checklist For Selecting Wedding Catering Company

  • Check their online presence: Your wedding day is very important for you and it is once in a lifetime function. So be focused while selecting the right one among the different wedding catering companies. Analyze the websites of wedding catering companies under consideration before contacting them.
  • Estimate your budget: First, estimate the budget of your wedding party. You should opt for the best catering company providing services under your budget.
  • Communicate openly: Communicate openly with different wedding catering companies in the UK. Ask them about their services, the variety and options they can provide in the menu, venues accredited to them and their venue adorning and decoration services etc.
  • Ask for references: Do not hesitate to ask for references from the catering services providers under consideration. In fact you must ask for references and contact them. Their advice would certainly help you in making your decision about selecting the catering company and hence preventing any unexpected blunder.
  • Check the food services: To make your wedding party worth remembering, the food quality has to be fabulous. So you must check the reputation of the company regarding the taste, quality, freshness and presentation of meals.
  • Check the company staff: The services of the wedding catering company should be impeccable as your wedding party is the most significant event of your life. You would not like to have a single mistake in any of the services, so with the quality and freshness of food also be ensured about the timely delivery of the food. Have a word with the serving staff and check their hospitality services. The staff of the wedding catering company should be well groomed and cordial.
  • Check their flexibility: You would be having some personal needs and specific requirements for the day, for example the type of the music to be played at the wedding reception, wedding cake adorning styles etc. Some guests could have some specific requirements too. Hence before selecting any wedding catering company in London ask them whether they are capable to fulfill such requirements. This will also help you in judging the flexibility of the company and their capability and willingness to carry out last minute requirements.

The wedding catering companies (in the UK) that you select should give attention to detail. This is very important for the proper execution of your wedding plan.