Asian and Indian Weddings - Costs & Budget

One of the major expense components of any wedding is the Wedding catering cost. If you can find efficient ways to keep this cost under control, it is easily possible to have a good wedding celebration within your desired budget in the UK.

Food prices around the world have gone up in recent years. This has made any kind of large celebrations expensive because of the exorbitant prices of food and beverages. However, if you are looking at creating a successful celebration with good food, and without letting the wedding catering cost spiral out of control, the following tips should help:

Plan Well Ahead Of The Wedding: Wedding Catering Cost

If you start planning well in advance, you will have sufficient time to organize your thoughts and make the necessary catering arrangements efficiently. The more time you have available with you, the better your chances of eliminating wastage and maintaining economy of the arrangements. Wedding Catering Costs are a key expense in London and careful planning can help to cut down these costs without cutting down on quality.

Consider All Catering Options: Wedding Catering Cost

You will have the option of hiring a professional caterer, or organizing in-house or DIY catering in London Try to estimate the wedding catering prices prevailing in London if you hire a professional caterer, and compare it against the savings you may make in case of in-house or DIY catering. If the difference is turning out to be substantial, it may be worth to consider the DIY option seriously.

Cut Down On The Number of Meals: Wedding Catering Cost

Many of the weddings nowadays follow an elaborate serving of food and drinks. It usually includes drinks before a multi-course meal, followed later in the evening with a sumptuous buffet. With such extensive arrangements, undoubtedly the wedding catering cost is bound to shoot up. However, if you decide to reduce the number of meals to be served, it is possible to bring down the costs within your budget.

Compare Different Wedding Caterer Prices: Wedding Catering Cost

If you decide to go for professional catering from outside of your locality, seek the price quotations from different caterers in the UK. This will give you a fair idea of the prevailing market prices, and you can draw your own private cost-benefit analysis by comparing between the costs and services offered by different caterers.

Opt for Smaller Caterers: Wedding Catering Cost

If you are willing to choose a smaller or local catering service provider, such as a local restaurant or a small hotel, it is usually possible to get the same quality of food and services at a considerably cheaper cost. On the other hand, the large or professional caterers may charge a higher rate because of the goodwill and brand recognition that they enjoy in the market.

Negotiate Your Wedding Catering Prices

Many times the caterers will offer their prices as fixed or non-negotiable, standard rates. However, you ought to remember that a fair amount of negotiation is definitely possible in this business most of the times. Therefore, do not hesitate in making a good negotiation, and seeking the maximum services within your budget. There is plenty of competition in the marketplace and mostly you should be able to get a fair deal with the caterer of your choice.

Simplify Your Menu to Reduce Your wedding Catering Cost

The choice of food and drink items on your menu can make a big difference to your costs. If you wish get carried away while deciding the menu, and opt for some elaborate or exotic dishes, it may send your costs soaring high. However, if you can moderate your menu with more of classic pub food or the food that is seasonal and locally produced, it can save you a great amount of money. Classic food items are appreciated universally, and they help to keep the costs down.

Think out-of-the-box for your food and beverages menu: Wedding Catering Cost

You can make your wedding party very special and memorable without spending too much. You may consider a champagne reception with plenty of snacks and canapés, instead of the traditional sit-down dinner. If you are planning to hold a summer garden party, a bar-be-cue or spit-roast could be an excellent option that everyone would enjoy, and it would not burn a hole in your pocket either. You may even consider an entirely casual affair in a picnic fashion, or even a “desserts-only” party. Essentially, it depends upon your budget, your expected guest profile, and your own personal approach towards a wedding reception.

Consider hiring the services of a catering college: Wedding Catering Cost

This could be a wonderful idea to reduce your wedding catering cost. Almost every city has a catering college nowadays, considering the popularity of this profession. Most of these colleges are glad to receive an opportunity of real hands-on experience for their students who need such exposure and practice. You may cut a deal with such a catering college, which could be beneficial to both sides in equal measure. Alternatively, you may also find a number of students of catering colleges who are willing to provide ad hoc services for your wedding reception at a low cost.

Considering the high wedding catering prices these days for professional caterers, it makes all the more sense to do your own wedding catering. There is little doubt that this approach is by far the most economical and efficient way to treat your guests to a wonderful feast within your budget. All it requires is very detailed planning and efficient execution to make your wedding party hugely successful. Simplicity of food and the right choice of menu is the key to success in case of a DIY wedding catering. You ought to choose such food items that can be prepared and stocked in advance, or refrigerated and served easily without much fuss.

With these basic tips, it is certainly possible to keep your wedding catering costs under check even in these times of rising prices of food as well as services everywhere. All you need is some amount of innovative thinking and careful planning to ensure that you can have an excellent wedding party, and not overshoot your budget at the same time.