Asian Wedding Catering

Selecting The Best Asian Wedding Catering Provider in the UK Asian weddings in the UK are known for their lavishness, sumptuous food, delicate yet eye catching customs, large gatherings, unique traditions, creativeness and the like.

Be it Indian, Chinese, Malay or Thai wedding, preparations start months before the marriage day. However, planning and arranging for the best Asian wedding catering provider is a huge task, as catering has become a propitious business and the vastness of the diversified Asian cuisine is well admired. There are so many caterers available in the UK that it becomes difficult to choose the best among the good ones.

Wedding is an emotional occasion for all and sundry and no one likes to leave any loophole for others to point fingers at. It is likely that if there is no proper catering and food arrangement, the guest might return home dejected and disappointed.

Asia, being the land of multicultural races, weddings carry forth the folklore of different traditions, which makes them look so unique among others and best represented in food and beverages. 

Need for an Asian Wedding Catering in the UK

Asian weddings are not only known for their grandeur, but also for marked reflection of ethnic customs, which is best reflected in the food items served. Once the wedding planner is ready, the first question that comes to the mind is choosing the best caterer. Your choice of the Asian wedding catering will depend on your budget. As Asians of different cultures are strongly linked to their customary food, it is a huge task to serve best of the Asian and Western cuisines to impress the wedding guests.


As already said, food in an Asian wedding in the UK needs to be planned properly; else, it can be a huge burden on the pocket. Your choice of things is based on your financial ability. Go for an Asian wedding catering provider who can provide you with best services within your set budget. For this, plan the event well in advance and talk about the expenses with complete transparency.

What To Look For In An Asian Wedding Catering Provider

There is so much to look for while selecting a wedding caterer, especially in Asian weddings in the UK. To satiate the different kinds of guests in an Asian wedding, it is important that the Asian caterer is familiar with the varied tastes of Asia. For example, if you are planning a Punjabi wedding, the Asian wedding catering service provider should know what Punjabi taste is all about. This means the wedding caterer needs to be a specialist in Punjabi food. You don’t want South Indian food in a typical Punjabi wedding.

Likewise, there are so many races and cultures in Asia, who have diverse tastes that the caterer must be familiar with. Making a choice from the long list of wedding caterers is even more difficult. Once you have identified the best and the most economical of all the options, ensure that he is careful about hygiene. You don’t want to serve your guests unhygienic food.

Where To Find Asian Wedding Caterer

You will find a plethora of Asian caterers on the Internet. Verify the credentials personally. Don’t just rely on the web. See to it that the discount on offer is for real. Find out about the delicacies and beverages they are experts in. You can also find a number of local caterers dealing in Asian cuisines or get some references about Asian caterers from your friends or relatives, who they have already tested and verified.

Varied Cuisines

Asia is so rich in traditions and cultures that you will find almost all races there. Asian food is immensely rich in taste, be it Punjabi, South Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Pakistani or Maldivian sea food.

You need to remember that the Asian catering serves you like a one stop shop for all your wedding catering needs. Though the caterer needs to be a specialist, he should be a generalist as well - familiar with other kinds of cuisines so that if the need be, he can replace one or two delicacies with either a South Indian or Chinese or whatever the guests preferences seem like. There should be provisions for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines. Apart from this, there should be some Western, Latin or Continental food as attraction grabbers. The cuisine must ensure that there is nothing to which either the bride or the groom is allergic, as that can make matters worse for the special couple on the big day of their lives.

Proper Premises

Ensure that the premises are large enough for catering, that is, for preparation of food, storage, washing of equipment. There should be separate space where the caterers can prepare the delicacies, away from the glue of eyes.

Other important points to be taken care of while preparing for an Asian wedding:

  • Hire an Asian wedding caterer almost a month before the wedding.
  • See to it that the Asian wedding catering provider has sufficient refrigeration facilities for storage of cooked meat or rice dishes.
  • Consider purchasing blast chillers for rapid cooling.
  • There should be an adequate number of experienced, trained staff to help you serve the usual large number of guests, which is typical of any Asian wedding.
  •  All food handlers should require apt training in food hygiene, including knowledge of temperature control, personal hygiene – clean clothes and hands – prevention of bacterial growth.
  • If the Asian wedding catering provider is charging you for utensils and cookware, ensure that all cutlery sets are properly washed and cleaned.
  • Make provision for sufficient quantity of detergents, disinfectants, hand towels, paper napkins in the catering area.
  • Try to buy the food items yourself from a wholesaler. However, if you don’t have time for the same, see to it that the wedding catering provider uses fresh vegetables and meat, which should be properly washed and boiled.
  • In case of Asian weddings, the marriage venue is different from that of the location where the delicacies are prepared; therefore, it is necessary to have proper storage and transportation facilities.
  • As is the case with Asian weddings, a huge quantity of food is cooked to avoid of shortage, keeping in mind the large number of guests; therefore, proper care should be taken of the leftovers.
  • The Asian wedding catering provider should have made proper arrangements of clean dustbins so that the marriage venue does not look littered with paper napkins, snacks or anything other than this thrown here and there, which is also typical of an Asian wedding.
  • While making preparations, don’t forget to make some arrangements for the elderly, babies, pregnant ladies, or any sick person who might attend the wedding. It is not unlikely that such high risk groups will attend the wedding – a trait so familiar with Asian wedding, where usually the entire families like to attend the weddings, irrespective of the number.


Planning a wedding can be an uphill task, particularly if it is an Asian wedding in London. It can be quite a huge and challenging task even for someone who is known to be the most organized. Having taken into consideration the aforementioned factors, you can be rest assured that your Asian wedding catering provider will certainly take care of everything so that you can concentrate on other important wedding arrangements, such as décor, theme, venue, guests, etc.