Catering Your Own Wedding and Saving Money

Your wedding is around the corner & you are on cloud nine; however, the thought of spending a fortune on a wedding reception is constantly haunting you. Wedding reception is extremely expensive affair and if you plan to hire a caterer or a DJ, you would certainly have to pay through your nose.

Don’t you think that if you cater your own wedding reception, you would be saving significant amount of money and later, you can spend this money on something more important and essential.

So why don’t you plan to cater your own wedding and save those extra pounds that can be spent on more crucial issue like your honeymoon trip, buying a big car or new house’s down payment?

The idea of catering your own wedding is not unusual; for years, many couples who due to lack of funds have catered their own wedding reception and have been successful in carrying out entire event in an organized manner.

However, if you seriously consider catering your own wedding; then you will have to plan ahead for a smooth wedding reception that could stay in your guest’s mind at least for a couple of years.

Guidelines to cater your own wedding:

Budget: First and foremost part of any wedding reception is your budget. In fact, your budget would dominate everything right from the venue, number of guests to choice in the menu. You will have to plan your wedding very carefully, especially, if you are slightly tight on your budget. Ensure that before taking any important decision, you prepare your budget wisely.

By doing so, you will be in a better position to regulate your expenditure; and by assessing the expenditure on each item, you will be eventually preparing yourself with the impact of the total cost on your financial front.

Determine time of reception: It is highly important to determine ‘suitable time for your wedding reception,’ speak to your friends and family members and seek their recommendation as well.
The easiest and most economical are afternoon reception or cocktails. And of course, it is absolute fun to go for an old-fashioned yet trendy high-tea and munching those tea sandwiches and yummy desserts in the sunny afternoon.

Choose type of reception: After assessing your budget and time for your wedding, you also need to decide the type of reception you really want and something that should fit your pocket as well. Though there are varieties of theme that you can select from like basic reception, elegant reception, backyard barbeque reception, and the Hawaiian Luau or brunch reception or tea reception. However, the type of reception should co-ordinate with reception time, venue availability as well as your finances.

Create Menu: Ensure that before finalizing the menu, you consult to several menu books online or available at the bookstores, if this does not work for you, then you can create your own menu utilizing your creativity. However, ensure that menu should include those dishes that are convenient to eat in the circumstances of the party.

While creating your own menu, you can choose wedding reception menu for the big day that your guest will remember for long; this is just not a unique idea, but also turns out to be pretty cheap.

You can keep few favorite dishes on the menu card like traditional fish and chips, mashed potato bars, different types of pasta with various pasta sauces, light grilled salmon and assortment of cheese and crackers.

Arrange for food and beverage: If you are planning to cater your own wedding; consider shopping at Costco or Asda, where you could spend more cost-effectively in bulk. Always compare prices at two or three supermarkets to make sure ‘what to buy from where’ and ‘look for deal’ whenever and wherever possible.

If you cater your own wedding decide to add some traditional touches to your wedding reception; consider offering bacon and sausages or baked potato to your guest. Moreover, these dishes are more universal and relished by majority of people.

If you are tying knot during summer, then hog roast or barbeque would be an ideal option. Moreover, ensure that you do not forget to add Champagne, wine and spirits and beautiful fresh flowers if your budget allows you to do so.

Food preparation: Since you have already decided to cater your own wedding, make sure that for food preparation you seek help of close relatives or friends or catering college students who can work for you on hourly basis as it is quite daunting as well as strenuous job and would require couple of more hands for smooth functioning. Make sure that you keep in mind those guests as well who are vegetarian while catering your own wedding reception.

Additional equipment: It is recommended that for storing prepared food item, you hire large plastic containers in advance and later, it can be stacked in the fridge.
Since food will be cooked in bulk, and would be little cumbersome to store so many items, you can hire fridge from catering hire companies, you can get the details of such companies in yellow pages as well as in a search engine.

Presentation:  ‘Taste, texture and color’ are extremely important factors, if you are catering your own wedding party. Food that is presented elegantly would definitely make your guests merry.
Ensure that throughout each course, you take extra care to make the meal appear pleasing and palatable..

Serving:  It is recommended that you choose those dishes that can easily be placed on the plate and in reasonable quantity too. Make sure that your helpers are quite confident in serving to prevent messy spills. Otherwise, it would be quite embarrassing for you, if things become uncontrollable. Make sure that you have enough people to help you; typically, you would require one helper per 20 guests as a minimum.

Crockery & Cutlery: You can consider using your own silverware or china crockery to cut down the cost on dishes. Make sure that instead of getting disposable plates and cutlery you hire plates, knives, forks, spoons, glasses, serving dishes, serving spoons, ice buckets, tablecloths and napkins form catering supplier.

Clearing up:  As soon as wedding reception gets over wonderfully, you would be busy dashing off for your honeymoon; however, make sure that you’ve already assigned the task of clearing up to few of your responsible friends and family members who take care of after wedding clean up and organize everything before they leave.

Fortunately, it is very much possible to have ‘DIY’ wedding or cater your own wedding with proper planning and without spending a fortune.