Affordable and Cheap Indian Wedding Catering

Weddings have become extravagant affairs and have taken the form of social or cultural extravaganzas. Expensive gifts, sumptuous foods, cost of venue and long list of efforts to pamper guests have become the part and parcel of every wedding.

And as marriage holds a very special place in our lives, people don’t want to leave any stone unturned to ensure a memorable marriage ceremony. However, the expenses toss up significantly with the cost of food and beverages accounting to almost half of the total expenditure. But thanks to cheap wedding catering service providers, one can provide sumptuous food at the affordable prices.

Planning the Wedding Ceremony: Cheap Wedding Catering

Planning for a wedding ceremony in advance ensures that you get the time to decide the menu and look for appropriate catering companies. However whether you are planning a lavish dinner or a sumptuous breakfast, the budget is the final determining factor.

With proper planning and accurate choice, one can plan a great cuisine for the big day well in advance at an unexpectedly reasonable price. Just start looking for cheap wedding catering companies that deliver exceptional services without all that frill and thrill and thus come at economical prices.

Plan Your Menu and Save Money With Cheap Wedding Catering

Before going for a cheap wedding caterer, it is necessary to plan your menu. You need to confirm whether the maximum number of guests prefer vegetarian food or non-vegetarian delicacies. Thereafter, do the headcount – no one can be accurate on the number of guests who would attend the wedding, but an estimate of the same will always help in planning the quantity of the cuisines and put a check on your expenditure.

If it is a daytime wedding, the menu should be set properly keeping in mind the breakfast and lunch to be offered, apart from snacks and drinks. For an evening wedding, a lavish dinner would suffice, besides the usual snacks and cold drinks. Plan your menu taking guests of all ages into consideration. This will help you make your wedding day a sure success.

Selecting A Cheap Wedding Catering Service Provider

With the advancements in technology, even marriage affairs have gone digital. With a single click of a mouse, you can find innumerable links to catering service providers, all of whom have something extra to offer. However, when you are looking for a cheap wedding caterer in London or anywhere in UK, the competition gets even tighter. However, one can easily differentiate the better caters from the impersonators and thus save a lot of money as well as stress.

A lot of caution must be exercised before finalizing the cheap wedding catering service providers. One must ensure that the caterer is genuine, and the price lists offered on the website are real. After checking the prices, see if the caterer will be available on your big day or not.

Decide About Ingredients and The Costs

Ask for the various ingredients of the selected dishes in the menu and ask for estimates for procuring the raw materials. Many a times, exotic spices and ingredients can be effectively replaced with easily available alternatives. SO don’t shy away from asking for more affordable ingredients otherwise the cost of the ingredients can offset your budget severely.

Ensure No Hidden Costs: Cheap Wedding Service Providers

Your contract with the catering service provider should be the final and the prices offered should remain unchanged. Ensure that there are no hidden costs involved in the prices offered by the caterers to ensure that your choice of the cheap wedding catering is certainly within the budget.

Sometimes marriage venues and wedding caterers include charges for items that can blow up your budget. Ensure that the wedding caterers have included crockery, cutlery, tablecloths, linen rentals, and cleanup on his list.

Other tips to be considered while planning cheap wedding catering service provider are:

  • Decide whether you would prefer seated arrangement, which might cost you twice than that of a buffet system. Enquire how much he would charge per person if you go for the latter option.
  • Buy food supplies from a wholesale company. It will cost you lesser than if you go for any other supplier.
  • Try simplifying your menu. This will help cut cost. Try simple food items such as the classic pub food in the form of fish and chips or bangers or other foods that are popular and don’t cost much as well.
  • Try to arrange alcohol yourself. It will be a cheaper option than relying on the caterer to provide you with the same. Also, make sure you have procured the licence for serving the alcohol on your big day.
  • Apart from this, make sure that there is some room for alcohol storage, where you can store the extra bottles, and take them out when the need be. Else, the guests might be left high and dry.
  • If you are paying some amount of cash in advance to the caterer, then inquire how it will affect the cost. In case, he agrees, do not forget to keep a record of it undersigned by him.

Remember, marriage is your chance of being treated as kings and queens for a day, so plan your big day in such a fashion that your party is talked about for long. However, keep your expenses within limit. Do not go out of bounds. Remain within the set budget limit. A cheap wedding catering can ensure a cheaper yet memorable wedding. However, while going for the cheaper option, ensure to avoiding any blunder in choosing the cheap wedding catering service provider.

Weigh all your options of cheap wedding caterers and ensure that the food meets the highest standards of hygiene and taste. Once you ensure this, even a cheap wedding caterer can provide excellent catering services and the occasion is bound to be a huge success and flow without obstructions.